This is our forte at Third Eye Digital and we have done numerous excellent program campaigns with numerous clients for various products. Online marketing for you is marketing or promotion of products and services with the use of internet and web. Thus it is also called internet marketing, web marketing, webvertising or e – marketing.

This not only is inclusive of promotion campaigns run across web but also programs involving e-mail and wireless media. It is all about targeting the digital client database, using social sites, search engines, in establishing a electronic customer relationship to boost product sale, brand recognition and impact revenue. This medium brings together the technology behind internet with the creativity of experts to design, develop, promote and advertise and sale products and services online. This can be achieved through strategic CPM, CPC, CPL, and CPA intervention for business growth.

With the huge surge in online activities, online marketing too has seen sudden boost. Due to sudden boom in virtual market there is a lot of competition and Third Eye Digital gives you planned and strategic promotion for your business. CPM, CPC, CPL, and CPA are methods utilized to promote ads of product or site on other site.

We at Third Eye Digital specialize in this and bring the “performance marketing to you in a new avatar”. The advertisements we design for you make sure, a hit becomes a lead and a lead becomes a sale, bringing revenue to your business.

An online marketing approach (CPM, CPC, CPL, and CPA) is focused around advertising objectives. We help you generating and sustaining communication on your brand or product, with a special attention to its features, offer or usage and so on. Our attractive and exciting creative catches the maximum eyeballs and push them for action.

We scientifically utilize the concept of clicks and conversions, creative optimization, ad serving technology, targeted campaigns – contextual targeting, behavioural targeting for you.

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